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Server Rules

Post by SSNS » Mon Nov 11, 2019 8:11 pm

Virtus Rules

General behavior
  • In a public setting, any talk of racism, discrimination or general social mistreatments are not allowed
  • Disrespecting or impersonating a Virtus staff member is not allowed.
  • Advertise other WoW servers in a public setting is not allowed.
  • Scamming, spamming and anything else that may degrade the gaming experience is not allowed.
  • Exploiting other players is considered as a serious offense and is not allowed.
  • Any intended action leading to server instability is not allowed.


Using third-party programs to automate any facet of the game, exploiting bugs, or engaging in any activity that grants an unfair advantage is considered cheating.

PvP specifics
  • MMR Dropping (Losing in arena on purpose to lower own MMR below normal value) is not allowed.
  • Allowing someone to kill you or let you kill his/her toon to get honor points or increase your duel ratio is not allowed.
  • Wintrading (Arranged arena battles in order to profit of its prizes) is not allowed.
  • Boosting (Defined as the action to play the character of someone else to give him access to rewards) is not allowed.

Account management

Account sharing is not allowed when it comes to end of season rewards (disqualification will be performed in that case) or for boosting. Else than that, anyone that plays an account is considered as fully responsible for any action on the account. If anyone takes the control of an account and breaks any rule, the original account owner will be the one blamed.

All rules are subject to change. If a rule is changed, it will be highlighted in the changelog below.
Based upon the rule broken, and the extent of damage, a fitting sanction will be given.


11 Nov 2019: Initial Rules Created


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