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Reward structure

Post by zephi » Thu Feb 20, 2020 7:21 pm

World of warcraft is pretty addicting because of the fundamental reward structure.
There is always "that next thing" to get.
Virtus rightfully chose to use purely cosmetic rewards, to ensure pvp balance and to eliminate the boring grinds in the game.

However, I feel like the cosmetic reward system is currently not fleshed out.

My suggestion is to tie the cosmetic rewards much closer to achieved ratings.

When you make a new character and kit it out with the vendor gear, I feel like we are already rewarded too much because we already look pretty cool in wrathful / ICC gear. We already get epic mounts and full enchants.

I suggest that when you make a new char, your default look is similar to that of a level 15 player.
So basic white/green rarity gear from level 10-15.
No matter what gear you equip, you will look like a beginner.

Getting to 1550 rating would unlock 20-30 level gear.
Getting to 1600 rating 30-50
1650 rating 50-60
1700 60-70 (but not epic raid/pvp gear)
1750 70-80 (but not epic raid/pvp gear)

1800 would unlock season 1 / season 5
2000 would unlock season 2 / season 6
2200 would unlock season 3 / season 7
2400 would unlock season 4 / season 8

The cool TBC / Wrath PVE gear would only be unlocked by 3v3 to entice people to play 3v3.

I personally really enjoy this kind of system because it makes progressing fun from the beginning.
Getting to 1550 or 1600 rating is actually meaningful.
It makes the server more fun for people who aren't skilled enough to go for end of season rewards.

Mounts could also be tied into this system, unlocking progressively cooler mounts as you go up.
Enchants as well.

PVE players could also unlock similarly by unlocking high keys.

Just my 2 cents!

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